What we want to contribute

Our building, built in 1936, is located in the Gothic quarter, one of the oldest in the city, its narrow streets, its gray-brown colors and its sifted light give it a special atmosphere
Our history

How we got here

My name is Quique, I was born in Galicia and within a few years we moved to Barcelona, I grew up running down the corridors from hotel to hotel, business to which my parents dedicated all their lives. When I was 19, I tried my luck in Switzerland where my business always had to do with dealing with people, my cream virtue. After 15 years I returned to Barcelona with a lot of experience and desire to have my own business. I was clear that the hotel business was what I carried in my blood and I had learned from a young age and perfected in my youth.

This is how Hostal Portugal was born, a small hostel in the center of Barcelona, which was not at all the tourist city today.

In 2016 in a modern and internationally bright Barcelona, I met Eva, my current wife, architect, lover of recycled furniture and respect for the environment. She gave me her values and encouraged me to give soul to the hostel by making a makeover, which would make it different from the others.

We decided that we wanted to have an establishment that contributes to reducing the amount of waste, opposing the indiscriminate purchase of use and throwing, and using vegetation that contributes to a healthier life and helps reduce CO2.

Thus, with an eclectic image, special for recycling lovers, we turn it into a small green island, an interior garden in the middle of this cosmopolitan city in constant motion.

Our Values, our engine

Green Island
Plants provide shelter for many other living things, produce the oxygen we breathe, maintain soil, regulate moisture and contribute to climate stability. Thanks to them we can have a healthier life.
Decoration and Recycling
Restoring furniture to reuse it or recycling plastic elements or their parts to generate spaces and decoration, allows to reduce the amount of garbage that we release to the environment while generating unique places and character
Generating a local trading network that shares our values is essential to reach the sustainable development of our city. That’s why we recommend places of Km0 (food) or local rentals.

Our healthy contributions


Book Sharing

Reading is a good way to cultivate wisdom. That’s why we have an area where you can leave the book you’ve finished or pick up a new one if you’ve forgotten yours. Also for the little ones.

Personalized Attention

We want you to feel at home. Do not hesitate to let us know everything you need that we will try to solve as soon as possible. It’s 24 hours for you. We also accept your suggestions, they are very important to improve the service.

Organic Products

For the cleaning and disinfection of all our spaces we use environmentally friendly products without aggressive chemical components.

A healthy Stay

Many plants not only improve the appearance and style of our establishment, but also refresh and purify oxygen from contaminants such as ammonia, benzene and formaldehyde.

Healthy mobility

We design circuits to travel the city on foot or by bike according to your interests.

We recommend local businesses that have a special value to rent your bike.

Healthy and sustainable food

We recommend local places that work with km0 i.e. its products come from local cooperatives.

What our customers think

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“Great location”

“Very good location, the beach is very close, as well as all the other attractions. The best part is that just below you have Cafe Federal with the most amazing breakfast options! I would stay here again safe.”

Vigilija, lt – 05/04/2020

“Nice place to stay in the heart of the city”.

“The hotel is very well located (5 minutes walk from the Rambla), it is very quiet and quiet. The staff was very friendly and multilingual. The room and bathroom were clean and very well organized. There is no breakfast service, but it is full of cafés around the property. The hotel has a very good value for money.”

Claudia, it – 23/03/2020

“Beautiful place”

“The staff were very friendly and helpful.  the hygiene of the perfect place …. I loved the decoration details! thank you so much for everything.”

Sonia Lorena Igartua, Ar – 17/03/2020

“Great location. Excellent value. We stayed 4 nights”

“Excellent location. Friendly staff at the 24-hour front desk. The room was clean and comfortable.”

Dawn, Gb – 12/03/2020

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